4 Easy & Delicious Popsicle Recipes

Things are really heating up here in Florida and one of my most recent favorite ways to keep cool is with popsicles. They’re fun and easy to make, kid-friendly, and inexpensive. You can usually find inexpensive and reusable popsicle molds this time of year at Walmart, Target, and here on Amazon. If you’re trying to get fancy and cute you can even try these¬†palm tree, pineapple & watermelon ones. Here’s a list of some of my favorite popsicle recipes I’ve rounded up!

Key Lime Pie– Like key lime pie? You’ll love these. Made with greek yogurt and a graham cracker “topping”, these are amazingly delicious. Recipe: HERE

Watermelon Lime– One of my favorite popsicles right now are the Outshine watermelon fruit pops; they’re seriously delicious. These are just as tasty + refreshing and can be made at home with fresh watermelon. Recipe: HERE

Lava Flow– These strawberry and pineapple pops are both tasty and look awesome! Blend all of the ingredients, swirl together, freeze and you’re done! Recipe: HERE

Grapefruit Lime– If you’ve got sugar, a lime and some grapefruit juice, you’ve got yourself a delicious popsicle. Try out these refreshing grapefruit and lime pops for a blast of summery citrus! Recipe: HERE

Have any popsicle recipes you’d love to try??

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