I love the ocean, boating, Florida, pugs, adventures, Southern Charm, cooking, traveling, my life goal is to be Jimmy Buffett & I can’t say no to a good ol’ happy hour.  Mix it all (plus some beach towels, monograms, pineapple rings and other things I think are fun) together and you’ve got LoTides! I’ve been hoping to one day run some form of a blog/website/small biz, and I figured you only live once (#yolo am I right) so might as well go for it. I hope you can find some useful information & inspiration- at least some good stuff to add to your Pinterest board.

CONTACT: If you have any questions about the store, blog, working together, life or if you just want to say hi you can email me at ContactLoTides@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram @LoTides for more.