Favorite Must-Have Products for May 2017

I love to find new and fun things to try out or rediscover so I figured I’d make a little collection of my favorite items and finds for each month to share! Have you tried any of these and loved them too? Leave a comment and let me know!

1.  Palm Leaf Pillows– I’m IN LOVE with palm and banana leaf prints lately. I’ve been eyeing some from Target, but after a trip to Homegoods I was able to find these Tommy Bahama ones for the same price for a pack of two! If you can’t find them at your Homegoods, I’ve linked some from Etsy that look very similar!

2. Beach Blankets- OF course I have to include our newest item. I seriously love these things, and I’m so glad we started carrying them at LoTides. I use one whenever I’m at the beach, I keep one in my car, I’ve even got one sitting as a throw blanket in my room. They’re great. Read more about them here.

3. Key Lime Rum Cream- Praise the Blue Chair Bay gods because I FINALLY found some of this stuff. I’ve been dying to try it since it was released but nowhere seemed to carry it and nobody knew why. One lucky trip to my Publix and it was finally there- so so good.

4. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer  This concealer/contour was all the craze when it first came out, and it was sold out of my Ulta for the longest time and is still always completely picked over. Their website says they sell one tube of it every 26 second and I believe it. You just need the tiniest little bit of it under your eyes and you look like you got your full 8 hours in- it’s so worth the price and I know the tube will last me forever.

5. Watershot Splash I’ve had my Watershot since the middle of last July; I used it all summer and then sort of forgot about it. I’ve recently started pulling it out again and I am in love all over again, I definitely use it way more than the GoPro. It’s a waterproof case with a wide angle lens that allows you to take clear underwater shots up to about 30 ft. It’s awesome. 10/10 recommend.

6. Midori Banana Palms Top- These bikinis are soft, stretchy, flattering, come in so many cute patterns and pretty colors. My favorite are the Koah style tops because they are fully adjustable which is so perfect if you have a tough time finding a suit that fits just right. The price tag is a tad higher than your average suit, but it’s so worth it. If you want the print but a smaller price tag, check out this one here.

7. Paper Straws This is so unnecessary but they’re just so cute. Find some just like these in the Target dollar section. THEY’VE GOT PINEAPPLES ON THEM, how can you not for $1??

8. Flamingo Float Need I say more?  This is the best deal I’ve seen on one of these! Most have been almost twice as much and had crazy shipping costs (WHY?).

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