All About the LoTides Towel- What It Is & Why You Need One This Summer!

I’m sure this isn’t your first time seeing a towel like this with their growing popularity here in the US, but do you know why people are raving about these and why you need one (or six), too?  Before I started selling these towels on LoTides, I purchased one from a vendor at a craft fair and it has unexpectedly grown to be one of my #1 beach and boat necessities. It’s become one of my favorites and since I love and use it so much I decided it would be the perfect addition to the shop. I began researching manufacturers so I could start carrying them on LoTides at an affordable price without compromising quality, and I found just that. Click HERE to shop them on LoTides.

 —On to the good stuff

First and foremost- these are machine washable and actually get better with each and every wash. The longer you have them, the softer, more absorbent and “fluffier” they get! Let’s be honest, these look like they would not wash well. They are made out of 100% Turkish cotton, have tassels and are dyed with beautiful colors which pretty much sounds like a washing machine and dryer disaster, but they’re the complete opposite! Mine have gone through too many washings to count over the past year and are now softer and more enjoyable than ever.

Another reason why so many people love these things is because of the many uses you can get out of them. While they are larger than your average beach towel, they are also very lightweight and can be rolled up to a fairly small size which is perfect for flights, car rides, purses, beach bags, keeping in your car, etc. I’ve created a short list of things the LoTides towel can be used as-

– Beach Towel

– Picnic Blanket

– Decorative Throw

– Bath Towel

– Baby Blanket

– Sarong cover up or scarf

– Blanket for traveling on a plane, train, car or boat

– Fashion it into an over-the-shoulder beach bag

– Small Tapestry

The list goes on and on. See why so many people love them now?! Give one as a birthday gift, housewarming present, party favor for a bachelorette weekend, bulk order for guests at a destination wedding, use them as a stocking stuffer, Mother’s day present, or treat yo’self to your own.

Click HERE to shop these & see more photos on LoTides.

What’s your favorite way to use your towel??

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