How to SAVE $40 on Your First Airbnb Booking!

If you just want the code- click here for your $40 off of your first trip. To learn more, keep reading!

SO, we booked my first Airbnb for my trip to Charleston and I am SO excited! The home looks amazing, there’s free bikes, and its within close distance to everything, but there’s one thing we missed- an opportunity to save $40!! Here’s how to get your $40 off of your first trip AND how you can get your own code to share once you do and gain even more credits!  

How to Sign Up

1. Click here to access your $40 off offer and you will be prompted to sign up to claim your credit.

2. Create your log in either through Facebook, Google+ or your email.

3. Fill out your profile and start searching for the perfect place to stay!

How do I use my code?

Your code will be automatically applied at checkout during your first as a discount on your booking.

How do I get my own code to share and earn more credit?

After you are done with the sign up and complete your profile, you will be able to access your own invite code to share with friends and family. This will allow them to save money on their first bookings, and in turn you will receive additional travel credits as well! It’s a win-win for everyone, so go to “Invite Friends” in the top right corner of your menu and use your link to earn and spread the free credits!


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